Frequently Asked Questions

We believe that everyone should understand natural body position when it comes to shooting. If you are sitting or standing (resting on a truck hood) and your body is not in a natural body position your shot or grouping will be affected. A simple test to prove our point is lean over a truck hood and look through your scope at a target. Relax and sight in on an exact spot. Close your eyes and take 2 deep breaths. When you open your eyes up your cross hairs should be looking at the exact same spot you were before you closed your eyes. If you have to adjust your point of aim or even your head to see through your scope because your cross hairs moved, you are out of your natural body alignment. With our shooting bench you can set it up exactly for your body to shoot in a natural body alignment. Your groupings will be smaller. Guaranteed!

No. You will need to purchase either a right hand bench top or left hand bench top. The integrity of the shooting bench is our number one priority. To keep the integrity of the bench top we found there were too many negative factors that compromised the integrity of the bench top if we made a universal top.

Yes you can. There is special pricing for purchasing additional table tops. This is not uncommon request from hunting guides and shooting schools around the world.

Right now we are only producing one model but have plans for others in the future.

How many times have you seen some shooter at a shooting range sitting on an upside down bucket leaning over a table not sized correctly for the bucket. But its what we all have seen! Our bench comes with the seat, 2” thick cushion, and cover because we want the shooter to be able to get into a natural body alignment for shooting. Instead of loosing (because no one “ever” forgets their seat or bucket at home) the seat for the bench we integrated it into the bench.

Crazy as it sounds we get this question a lot. Here’s the answer: if our bench seat setup doesn’t fit you, there is not a shooting bench made that will! First we have 25” or more of travel on our tripod post. This means our seat can move from the bottom position of the tripod to the top with more than 25” of travel. Then the seat itself is bolted to a seat post that’s 19” out from the tripod. You can loosen the bolt and slide the seat in or out depending on if you need to be closer or farther away from the tripod again depending on your natural body alignment. We have more movement built into our seats than any other shooting bench on the market!

Right here in the USA! All laser cutting, wood working, powder coating, and welding are done in Southern Utah.

We ship FedEx or UPS Ground from Utah. It usually takes 3-5 business days within the lower 48 states. If you live in Alaska or Hawaii or outside the United States there is no guarantee on shipping times.

Yes we will but please give us a call for a shipping quote.

Yes! We can have a bench custom powder coated for you with any color you want but there will be an additional fee for another color and possibly a longer wait time.

Yes! Our shooting bench has over 25” of adjustment built in to the seat height. Someone that is shorter can move the seat higher and some one taller can move it down for comfortable shooting.

First off most of the other shooting benches were designed around a price point. Ours was designed by us specifically as a precision shooting bench for long range shooters (ourselves). We didn’t care about how much it cost to make. After we were using it others asked us to build a bench for them. Then came the cost for other shooters. We build the best bench on the market not the best price point shooting bench. We have literally heard thousands of stories of the “other” price point shooting benches failing. We have never had one of our benches fail! Again best bench vs lowest price bench…

We have thousands of hunters that will attest that no matter what your hunting (varmints, prairie dogs, coyotes, or whatever) our bench is the best for the job. We make the most versatile, stable, portable, heavy duty, long range shooting bench in the shooting industry! Not many can claim that. In fact other companies have even tried copying our bench but none of them have succeeded in matching our shooting benches performance.

There are a lot of different brands out there of shooting accessories. Keep checking our website for additions of accessories to our product line up.

Yes we do. The minimum order is 5 benches. Give us a call for rates and info.

We have had tons of great ideas sent our way from customers all over the world of how to “improve” our shooting bench. The problem we run into is we have never had an idea freely given that “every” customer would want. One example that comes in regularly is a cup holder either attached to the side of the bench or drilled into the tabletop somewhere. Personally we don’t advocate keeping our favorite cold beverage of choice right next to our ammo and firearms. What if it spilled??? You get pissed that your equipment could be dirty and sticky now or worse you wasted some perfectly cold beverage that just might make you happy. But just because it doesn’t work for us does not mean it will not work for you. So we leave it up to you to modify your tabletop as you see fit. We have seen some great ideas in customer photos.

Yes we can. We can custom make you a shooting bench to fit your specific needs if you give us a call. We have these calls ever now and again. Hollywood is a major one. They always have different requests based on the movies they are filming. Or someone that has a specific handicap will call in so we can custom make a bench to fit a specific setup. We love helping out where we can.